Xmina and Ben's winter elopement in Australia. The couple climb a mountain on their elopement day.

Should You Have A Winter Elopement? – The Ultimate Pros & Cons List

When it comes to planning your elopement, winter – just like any other season – has both a number of unique advantages as well as a few distinct drawbacks.

Winter in Australia is just around the corner, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have postpone the most beautiful day of your lives – your elopement – by another year.

Sure, most couples tend to choose the warmer months for their elopement to take advantage of the superb weather.

But you aren’t most couples, are you?

You’re unique and truly one of a kind. – You’re you.

Which means that you may have other preferences than enjoying hours of sunshine, or doing what everyone else is doing. You may actually find that a summer elopement isn’t for you at all…

Now, when it comes to planning your elopement, winter – just like any other season – has both a number of unique advantages as well as a few distinct drawbacks.

And whether or not the winter months will turn out to be the most romantic time of the year for you all comes down to your unique aspirations, preferences, and needs.

So even if you’ve noticed that all available dates are gradually moving towards the cooler months, or if you’ve always dreamt of saying your vows in winter wonderland, read on to discover all the pros & cons of planning your elopement in the winter months.

In this blog post, I’ll give you my take as a professional elopement photographer to help you decide whether tying the knot in the winter is the right choice for you.

Cons of planning your elopement in the winter

Some people will tell you that you just can’t elope in the winter – as if it were impossible.

But when it comes to your elopement, nothing is impossible!

Still, it might be worth going over the cons of planning a winter elopement. You know, just to make sure you’re aware of what you’re getting yourself into if you choose to move forward with your winter fairytale.

1. Unpredictable weather

The main objection some people have against winter elopements is the unpredictable winter weather.

And you can’t blame them either.

Sure, you might get lucky and enjoy clear skies with beautiful sunshine.

But you can also experience heavy rain – or even snow – and icy cold temperatures.

While rare, the unpredictable nature of the winter weather can result in travel delays, or even cancellations. And this can be an issue if you’ve got your heart set on a particular location.

One way to go around this challenge is to have a backup plan for your ceremony locations – ideally an indoor option, with a nice fireplace, huge windows, and cozy & romantic atmosphere.

Another option is to plan your elopement somewhere else. For example, the northern tips of Australia have a tropical climate year-round, which means that even if it’s winter down here in New South Wales & Victoria, you can always go up north for a summer-like elopement in the winter.

Finally getting wet isn’t the worst thing in the world. In fact, they say rain on your elopement is actually good luck. Plus, rain, wind, and snow look super dramatic on camera, and will guarantee you the most epic elopement photos ever! Just make sure you bring gumboots and clear umbrellas, but otherwise: if you’re up for an adventure – then so am I.

2. Less natural light

Winter days are short, so ultimately, there’s less light – and less time – for outside activities and photographs.

Now, this isn’t a huge issue by any means – it just means that we’ll have to plan your special day in advance. We’ll have to adapt your timeline and plan your elopement photoshoots around the shorter window of sunshine.

You’ll still have plenty of time to enjoy outdoor activities though, so don’t let your concert for shorter days & less light scare you away from planning your elopement in the winter.

Not only because it’s a minor inconvenience that you can easily work around with continual communication with me (your photographer) and your other vendors. But also because having less natural light can actually be turned into a huge advantage!

First of all, winter means overcast weather. And this means you can get all the moody & incredible photos at midday, without having to squint in the blinding sunlight trying to find the best way to adjust to the bright sun.

Secondly, winter also means incredible sunsets. You may have noticed that winter sunsets are red instead of yellow, meaning that you’re guaranteed to get the most stunning sunset photos imaginable in the winter. Not to mention that winter sunsets also come earlier – around 4 pm – giving you plenty of time to keep on enjoying your perfect day long after the sun is gone.

So, while less natural light might seem like a disadvantage at first…

…it’s easy to turn it into a huge bonus with a bit of planning and communication.

3. Cold temperatures

This ties in closely with my previous two points. But winters are cold. And not many people enjoy the cold.

But this doesn’t mean game over either. Just add a few extra layers, bring an extra pair of socks, and dress for the occasion – then you’ll be ready to go.

Speaking of extra layers…

You have a lot more options to get creative with your outfit in the winter. You can have a totally different set of clothes for your outdoor activities, and a brand new outfit for your indoor activities. You can even add or remove layers in just a few seconds to have a different look on almost every single one of your photos, while making sure you don’t get too cold – or too hot – on your elopement.

And at the end of the day, you’ll be left with tons of beautiful memories in your heart – and a wide variety of breathtaking photos capturing all the love & joy of your perfect elopement.

Pros of planning your elopement in the winter…

Now, don’t let all these drawbacks scare you away from eloping in winter wonderland!

If you choose to have your special day in the colder months, you’re in for a real treat. Here are the top advantages of tying the knot in the winter. You might not have even thought of these benefits – until now.

1. Beautiful scenery

Winter scenery is stunningly gorgeous. Period.

With snow-covered hills, misty mountains, and crystal-clear blue skies, you’re basically setting yourself up for an epic elopement – with breathtakingly beautiful photos to tell your tale.

Whether you’re exchanging your vows by a crackling fire, or ready to take off on your dog sled adventure in the snow, your elopement in winter wonderland is bound to make an impression.

And not just on you – but on everyone else, too.

I mean, how many of your friends have authentic photos of themselves bonding their lives together for eternity on a snow-covered field?

How many of them can tell a love story set in the snow – a story filled with adventure, emotions, and joy?

Sure, most people are lucky enough to have their own love stories…

… but yours will come with beautiful scenery to elevate your experience even in this magical season.

2. Better travel conditions

Wanna take advantage of off-season travel fares, and the almost unlimited availability of all your favourite vendors, hotels, and activities?

Well then, a winter elopement is the perfect fit for you. Since there are fewer people traveling – or eloping – in the winter months, traveling becomes cheaper, and all your favourite vendors & hotels have more availability.

This means that you can actually plan the elopement of your dreams without compromise.

And get more fun & excitement for the same budget too.

But hold on! Aren’t I missing something?

Isn’t there another major benefit to fewer travelers in the winter?

Well, there actually is. You see, in the winter, it’s so much easier for you to get away from large crowds and actually have a more tranquil & romantic experience with your special someone. You’ll be able to enjoy your entire adventure without interruptions – an impossible mission in the summer.

This is especially true if you want to have your ceremony at a popular location known to attract other people.

But imagine saying your vows at one of the best lookouts, hiking tracks, or venue spaces without anyone else around.

Now THAT’S the magic of having a winter elopement!

3. Cozy & romantic OR exciting & fun

There’s nothing like snuggling up with each other after a long and exciting day. With a warm fire crackling in the fireplace, you sip a mug of hot chocolate (make it Irish?) as you think back to your day filled with love & adventure.

Cuddling next to an indoor fireplace is the most intimate and most romantic way to end your magical day.

And guess what?

It’s pretty hard to enjoy an indoor fireplace in the summer, when it’s 30+ degrees outside.

(I mean, you gotta admit: it would be a bit weird to do so)

So, warm fireplaces, exhausted cuddles, and hot chocolates are among the many wonders of winter.

But so are skiing slopes, dog-sled adventures, or – if you find the summer too hot for outdoor activities – romantic hikes in nature. Plus, who needs champagne towers if you can have an epic bridal snowball fight after saying your vows instead? (Or… why not have both if you get the chance?)

No matter what type of vibe your want for your dream elopement – cosy & intimate or adrenaline-fuelled & outdoorsy – your possibilities are endless with a winter elopement.

And there you have it, the pros & cons of having a winter elopement. While not many people are brave enough – or think it even possible – to get married in the colder months, you don’t have to go with the flow if you don’t want to.

A winter elopement will leave you with some truly spectacular photos that not many people will have. And hey, if you need someone to capture your most cherished memories and turn them into stunning photographs, then I’m your gal. Get in touch for a quick chat – no strings attached – to discover how I can bring your vision to life. And help you turn your dream of having a perfect winter elopement into reality.