I'm based on the border of NSW and VIC in Wodonga, Australia. However, I frequently shoot in Melbourne and Sydney, but I travel across Australia and all over the globe to capture love.


Where are you based?

Do you do same-sex weddings?

How many photos will I receive?

Do you have payment plans available?

what is your photography style?

what is your edit style?

what are your creative fees?

do you offer wedding albums?

Do you have any vendors you recommend?

How do you handle situations when you are unable to attend?

Do you do family shoots?

do you have experience shooting luxury weddings?

can we see a full gallery of a previous client of yours before we book you?

What is the timeline for payment of the retainer to secure our date?

can we read some testimonials from your past couples?

What is your protocol for managing adverse weather conditions during the wedding day?

do you have back up equipment incase of technical issues?

can we meet you in person before the big day?

do we need a second shooter?

we are so awkward.. how will you capture us authentically and beautifully?

are travel fees included in your pricing or is there a additional cost?

Do we need to organise your travel and accomodation?

can we customise a package to fit our needs and budget?

How many hours of coverage do we need?

do you find the locations for the portraits?

why are all your main wedding packages 12 hours coverage?

How long will it take to receive our photos?

How will we receive our photos?

Do you photograph internationally and across Australia?

how do we book you?

Yess! I just shot a recent wedding in New Zealand Nothing excites me more than the opportunity to shoot a destination wedding or elopement or to travel across Australia to serve my couples.

If you're thinking of taking your celebrations overseas or are in a different part of Australia to me, have a look here and get in touch so we can chat about the finer details.

Send me an enquiry through the contact page and I’ll see if your wedding date is available. To secure your date I require a 25% non-refundable booking fee and I’ll send you a contract to sign. The remaining payment is due a month prior your big day. Note due to the high booking demand, your date is not secured with me until your Booking Fee Payment has been received and contract signed.

A million times YESS!!! LGBTQIA+, no matter how you identify and regardless of how you define your relationship, I'd love to be a part of your wedding day. Love is love and I'm 100% here for it!

Depending on your chosen wedding coverage and package, you will receive approximately 400-800 carefully edited photos, depending on how many hours we shoot and how jam-packed your wedding day or elopement is. 

Yes, travel fees are included in my costs, and the specific inclusion will depend on whether you are eloping or having a wedding, as well as the location of the event. My packages detail what is covered. Additionally, my standard travel rates are AUD $1,000 for locations within Australia and AUD $5,000 for international destinations.

Nope! I will organise all that so you don't have to worry!

Of course! I offer custom packages to suit individual needs. Let's have a chat about what is and isn't important to you and customise a package that works.

This depends on what parts of your day you would like captured and if you're getting married or eloped. For more information you can view my wedding timeline blog here

For the best experience for your elopement and to ease the stress I would highly recommend doing a 2 day experience to have some breathing room to not only get amazing photos but enjoy your time away. View my elopement timeline blog here

If you're considering a wedding album, I would highly recommend all day coverage as this will tell the whole story of your day from start to end!

This is something we will discuss. At base I need to know the ceremony spot! I'd love to hear what you have in mind (or if you don't have a location in mind, what kind of vibe you would like for your portraits). I like to be well prepared and organised, so I will do some location scouting of my own prior to your wedding day and make some suggestions.

We can catch up and location scout together, or if it suits us both, we can even meet at your venue so you can show me the ceremony location and we can make a plan together. I'm all about planning so that on the day you don't have to worry about a thing.

As a luxury wedding photographer, I have made a deliberate decision to not sell hourly packages. I find the concept confusing and awkward, which is not in line with the level of service and experience I aim to provide. I believe that capturing authentic moments cannot be rushed, and therefore, all-day coverage is essential to truly tell the story of your special day.

One of the main reasons I shy away from hourly packages is the uncertainty that comes with determining how much coverage a couple actually needs. It is common for couples to be unsure about the exact timeline of their wedding day, making it challenging to accurately estimate the hours required for photography. By offering all-day coverage, I eliminate this confusion and ensure that no precious moments are missed.

Another aspect I want to avoid is the awkward situation where schedules may run over, and additional coverage is needed but not planned. It would be an uncomfortable conversation to have with a couple on their wedding day, asking for more money to continue photographing their event. By offering comprehensive coverage from the moment you start getting ready until your grand exit at the end of the night, I ensure that every precious memory is captured without any interruptions or unexpected financial discussions.

The couples I have the privilege of photographing understand and appreciate the value of a holistic and immersive experience when it comes to wedding photography. They desire to have their entire day documented, including all the incredible moments that unfold throughout. From the anticipation and excitement during the preparation stages to the magical atmosphere of the evening celebration, I am there to document each detail, emotion, and fleeting moment.

When it comes to your big day, it is crucial for me to prioritise quality and authenticity over limitations imposed by time. By committing to all-day coverage, I allow myself the freedom to fully immerse myself in the wedding day, ensuring that every shot is meticulously crafted and every treasured memory is beautifully preserved. Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and it deserves nothing less than comprehensive coverage to capture every precious moment and create a stunning visual narrative.

Do you photograph both weddings and elopements?

YES! No matter if you are getting married at a venue or planning your own intimate elopement I'm here for you and would be honoured to document your day! 

It will take roughly 8 weeks to receive your final wedding photos. I spend an average of 25+ hours editing and colour-correcting all of your final photos. I want to make sure every single one is pristine before I send them out to you; this is why delivery takes a little time. If you’d like your photos sooner, please ask me about my priority edit service.

Within a week of your wedding I'll send you 2-3 photo previews from the day for announcement and sharing. Then 8 weeks later you will receive an online slideshow and your full gallery to enjoy and relive your wedding day. Soon after, if you have opted for prints or an album you'll receive those in the mail with a little personal thank you from me.

Yes I do! Touch base with me and i can organise a payment plan to tailor to your wants and needs.

Weddings start at $8,497 AUD for 8 hours coverage, elopements start at $6,997 AUD and engagements start at $747 AUD. You'll find more info on my services pages. Touch base via my contact page for the full price list.

To me, as an editorial wedding photographer, I'll include images that tells a story of the day, captures the personality/emotions/essence of a moment, capture everything in good lighting (doesn't matter if its harsh light or dark light I can shoot in anything), shows off details, florals, table scapes (detail shots), a mixture of gently posed, sunset, direct flash, and documentary/candids to create the perfect wedding album.

As a luxury wedding photographer, my edit style is focused on creating natural, true to life images that will stand the test of time. I believe in capturing the essence of the moment without the need for trendy filters or excessive editing. I strive to create timeless photographs that highlight the beauty and emotion of the event, while also removing any distractions such as signs or cars to ensure the focus remains on the couple. Black and white images are also included in my editing style, adding a classic and elegant touch to the final photos. I believe that authenticity and simplicity are key in creating stunning wedding photographs that will be cherished for years to come.

Can I print my photos?

Why do you offer full day and multi- day elopements?

do you offer content creation?

Of course, I'd love for you to print your favourite photos! You can easily order photos prints through your online gallery, which will be shipped directly to your door.

I offer full-day and multi-day elopements because my initial experience photographing an elopement was a pivotal moment in my career. After having an incredible time adventuring with a couple at sunset and capturing beautiful moments in just two hours, I found myself unexpectedly emotional after the shoot. It was then that I realised the importance of providing couples with comprehensive documentation of their entire wedding day—not just snippets. While the couple went on to enjoy a lovely dinner and more fun experiences, they had no photos to cherish from those moments. This realisation inspired me to shift my approach towards all-day intentional documentation. I believe that preserving the memories of every moment, no matter how small or significant, is crucial for couples to look back on and reminisce about the complete and unforgettable experience of their wedding day. It's not just about delivering a full gallery of images; it's about ensuring that couples have a timeless keepsake that captures the essence of their entire day.

Yes, I offer the most beautiful luxury wedding albums.

I believe a wedding album is a keepsake you will cherish and share with your family for generations. Being able to feel and hold your album will bring the images to life in a way that you simply cannot experience with digital copies.

My albums are made in Australia with the finest materials. Your album will be designed and made the old-fashioned way...by a real, living and breathing human! Working closely with my trusted printing lab partners, I double check all my albums before they go to you to make sure every detail is perfect. Find out more information, here.

Yes, from years of experience in the wedding industry, I have come to work with some of the top wedding vendors.
I have listed some of the standout vendors on my wedding guide I will send you once you've signed your contract and paid your booking fee.

Yes, I specialise in luxury weddings and elopements and have extensive experience capturing the beauty and elegance of high end events.

Yes, I always bring backup equipment to weddings and elopements to ensure that we can continue capturing beautiful moments even in the unlikely event of a technical issue.

Yes, of course! I would love the opportunity to meet with you both before your wedding day. It's important for us to build a connection and discuss your photography desires to ensure we capture every moment perfectly. Whether we catch up to scout locations together, for a doggo date, for your engagement session, for lunch or for a Face-time schedule. I will work with you both and your schedules.

In the event, that the weather changes suddenly on your wedding day. I am prepared to adapt and make the most of the situation. I have experience shooting in various conditions and will work with you both to find creative solutions for still beautiful photos.

Yes! In-fact I encourage it! View my portfolio to see my signature luxury wedding photography style in action. Whether it's a destination wedding, wedding in Melbourne, or a local event, my work ranges from timeless classics, to modern and romantic, and rustic elegance. The galleries feature weddings and elopements from start to finish, ensuring you can trust my consistent and high-quality style for capturing your special day.

Being in front of the camera is uncomfortable for most people, thats why I've spent years learning how to help you through the whole process. You won't only be comfortable you'll be having loads of fun!

The retainer payment must be received by 7 days from our client meeting or if you decide to book in before a meeting (which same couples opt to do) it must be received by 7 days of you notifying me via email that you'd like to book. This retainer must be received along with a signed contract to secure your date on my calendar. I will follow up with you after sending the contract and invoice to ensure a smooth booking process. 

Of course! When you read through my testimonials here you'll get a great sense of how others have felt about the experience with me, and you'll see the same consistent message about how I make couples feel at ease while taking beautiful photos of them. This is how it should feel! Just like having a friend coming along to your wedding day (except I'll take badass photos of you both!). Stress free, with whatever support you need on the day, someone to make you laugh and dance with on the dance floor later.

A second shooter is a good idea if:

-You have a large guest list and want to make sure we get shots of everyone that's there on the day
-You and your partner are getting ready at the same time, and the locations are far apart
-You only have your venue for limited amount of time
-You want photos of your guests at cocktail hour (as typically this is the time we will go get couple portraits and bridal party photos - depending upon time of year)
-You're investing a lot in to florals and want photos of the ceremony and reception styling prior to the arrival of your guests
-You're having a large bridal party
-You want two moments captured at once; maybe you want a shot of the back of your dress as you walk down the aisle from above but also want to see your partners face at the same time.

Unless you are having 120+ guests it is most commonly then I would recommend a second shooter otherwise I’m more then confident to shoot your day by myself.
I’ll organise a second shooter for you so you don’t have to worry about a thing and to ensure you get nothing but the best of the best.

How far in advance should we book you for our wedding?

Wait Rach, I've still got questions...

As a luxury wedding photographer, my calendar tends to fill up quickly, especially during peak wedding season. I recommend booking me as soon as you have secured your wedding date to ensure availability. This will also give us plenty of time to get to know each other, discuss your vision for the day, and plan for any special requests or details you may have.

No, I don't! I focus only on weddings, elopements, destination weddings + elopements, engagements, pre/post wedding photography and bridal editorials! I'm also happy to capture proposals, and anniversaries too.

With years of experience in the industry, disruptions can still occur during wedding planning. In case of emergencies, I have reliable associates ready to step in and capture your special day using the information I gather beforehand. They will be compensated for their time and the work they do will be copyrighted under my business through a contract, and the photos will be returned to me for editing in my signature style. You can expect your photo previews, edited photos, and any ordered albums or prints to be delivered promptly to you by mail.

Yes! Due to popular demand, this is now I service I offer. I have a team member trained up by me - who can come along to capture these moments for you!

Give me a hola via the contact page and feel free to ask me as many questions as you'd like, I'd be happy to help.

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