Top 6 Fun Activities To Do On Your All-Day Australian Elopement (NOT Hiking)

You don’t have to give up on eloping just because you’re not into hiking. There are plenty of fun activities you can do right here in Australia for your elopement that don’t involve tiring yourselves out.

If you’re thinking about eloping, the first question that might pop up is:
– “Okay, so where are we going hiking?”

The question comes kind of naturally, if you think about it…

After all, there’s nothing like trekking to a mountaintop with an epic view just to say your vows…

…and popping a bottle of champagne to sit back and enjoy the beautiful glow of the setting sun.

Or is there?

You don’t have to give up on eloping just because you’re not that into hiking. There are plenty of fun activities you can do right here in Australia for your elopement that don’t involve tiring yourselves down and getting all sweaty just to reach the top.

So, in this blog post, I’ll go over the top 6 activities you can do for your all-day elopement in Australia.

And have a romantic adventure full of love, joy, tears, and laughter – without hiking.

1. Helicopter Tours

Length of Time: Min. 4 hours.

Recommended Vendor: HeliFly

Imagine actually getting to the top of the mountain – or glacier, hill, sand dune, or cliff – without hiking…

Well, that’s what helicopter tours are all about!

You can enjoy the same scenery, same bottle of champagne, and the same sunset…

…but experience an entirely different journey to get there.

Instead of panting & sweating (but hey, I have nothing against hiking), you’ll go on an adrenaline fuelled adventure with the love of your life. And arrive at an untouched destination far away from other people to say your vows and connect your souls for eternity. With a bit of time to spare – and a way to get around faster than you can say “Yes, I do” – you can even explore multiple places together on your adventure.

With a helicopter tour, you’ll get to spend the happiest day of your lives discovering one – or more – of the wilder corners of the world. And take it all in from a perspective only the most experienced mountaineers could even hope to reach on foot.

And don’t even get me started about all the amazing photos I can snap of your helicopter ride…
Sure, you’ll get all the romantic shots you’d be getting from a hiking trip: kissing on the edge of the world, moody golden hour shots, and gazing into eternity. But you’ll also get exciting & dynamic photos of your helicopter trip – with all the magnificent views from above. As well as classy photos of the two of you getting on – or stepping off – the chopper for the first time ever.

2. Jeep Tours

Length of Time: Min. 4 hours – but depends a lot on the location

Recommended Vendor: GlenWorth

If you don’t want to fly, jeep tours are your next best option to get out to a remote viewpoint where you can basically guarantee you’ll have the whole place to yourselves.

No matter how hard your dream-spot is to get to…

…a jeep will cut through the wilderness and take you there safely – without breaking a sweat.

Your private safari tour will give you a chance to enjoy a wide range of natural sceneries. And allow you to find your very own private ceremony spot too for your big moment.

Instead of moving slowly (like with hiking) or observing everything from above (like with a helicopter), a jeep tour gives you a unique chance to experience a wide range of beautiful scenery from up-close.

Imagine an album full of photos of the two of you having the time of your lives exploring nature…

…as well as intimate shots of your private ceremony, far from civilization.

– that’s the reality of going on a jeep tour for your elopement.

3. Multiple Locations

Length of Time: Varied – depends on travel between places

Recommended Locations: depends on your needs – reach out so I can help you

But what if you don’t want to settle for just one location?

Well, there are no rules for elopements, so you might as well do what you want and take it all in!

With a bit of planning, you can have heartfelt moments – and amazing pics – on the beach, in the desert, and on a mountain. All within a single day.

So, if you can’t choose just one location – then don’t. Instead, turn your elopement into the most epic adventure throughout the region. Plan yourselves a day that you will look back on for years to come.

And if you ever feel that the memory of your special day is starting to fade……you’ll always have an album full of your treasured memories to look back to.

4. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Length of Time: Min. 3 hours.

Recommended Vendor: GoldRush Ballooning

Let’s go back above the clouds for a moment…

While a helicopter may not be the ideal choice if you want to perform your ceremony in the air…

…a hot air balloon is a whole other story!

Having a hot air balloon as the main theme of your elopement is the perfect way to make your journey the destination.

Drifting off in thin air with your special person, saying your vows a mile high, and embracing the stillness and the romantic calmness of escaping the hustle & bustle of your everyday lives is the perfect way to celebrate your love.

While snuggling into the basket, you’ll freeze time for a little bit. And in those hours, nothing else will matter but the two of you – and your eternal love for each other.

You’ll sit back in awe as you set your eyes far away on the horizon. And give yourselves a moment to embellish the eternal flame of your love as the torch of the hot air balloon goes on-and-off.

There’s nothing quite like it, and you have to experience it to believe it.

Photos of your hot air balloon adventure will be beautiful and intimate, full of your emotions. Even more so if you manage to get up in the air by sunrise. Perfect if you’re both romantic souls looking to capture the raw affection you have for each other…

5. Dog Sled Adventure

Length of Time: Min. 3 hours

Recommended Vendor: Australian Sled Dog Tours

Who says you have to be in Alaska or Canada to go dog-sledding for your winter elopement?

Mt. Buller, Mt. Hotham, Falls Creek, and some of the other snowy paradises in Australia have seasonal sled tours that take you through some of the most gorgeous scenery in the country.

If you don’t have a pup of your own to include in your grand adventure…

…but you’ve always imagined celebrating your love with man’s – or woman’s – best friend by your side…

…then going on a dog sled adventure is your best bet for your elopement!

The experience itself is comparable to a jeep tour – the two of you, gliding through the wilderness.

But instead of listening to the tune of an engine, you’ll experience the breathtaking views with your furry friends panting in the background. And you’ll get to pet them, play with them, and take incredible photos with them every time they take a break – adding some light-hearted fun to your exciting day.

As far as photos go, you’ll get some of the most unique & creative shots on a dog sled adventure.

I mean, do you know anyone who’s actually had this experience? Let alone on their elopement?

6. Private Boat Charter

Length of Time: Min 4 hours – depends on location

Recommended Vendor: Melbourne Boat Hire

All aboard!

Let the gentle waves of the ocean rock you away as you say your vows in the beautiful sunset. Or explore different locations along the shoreline for your romantic adventure.

No matter what you want to make of your elopement, including a boat ride is guaranteed to take your experience to the next level.

Besides enjoying the views – and maybe taking some time to dip in the crystal clear waters – you can also do a whole lot more on a boat. You can have a romantic meal, go scuba diving, or put some music on and have a private party for just the two of you.

But no matter what you choose to do, I can be there to capture every moment for you…

And there you have it. Who says that hiking is the only thing you can do on your elopement?

If you’ve enjoyed this article, make sure to check out my other posts for my best tips on making the most of your wedding or elopement. And if you’re ready to make your dreams turn into reality, feel free to reach out – I’ll help you plan everything, and be there to capture every moment of your love story.