I remember this particular wedding like it was yesterday of Grace and Brodie. The sun had set, and the atmosphere was electric, with laughter and music filling the air as the guests mingled and danced the night away.

But as the evening wore on, something special was brewing. The bride and groom, surrounded by their closest friends and family, began to dance, their eyes locked on each other. And then, without warning, it happened. The guests, fueled by their joy and enthusiasm for the happy couple, began to lift them up onto their shoulders. The bride and groom, initially surprised and delighted by the sudden gesture, let out a collective laughter as they were lifted high above the crowd.

The energy was palpable as I snapped away, trying to capture every moment of this unforgettable scene. The bride's laughter echoed through the night air as she gazed down at her loved ones, her face aglow with happiness. The groom, meanwhile, looked like he was on top of the world, his arms wrapped around his bride as he grinned from ear to ear. As I looked through my lens, I couldn't help but feel a sense of awe and reverence for the power of love and community. This moment was more than just a fun and festive gesture – it was a testament to the bond that these two people shared with each other and with their loved ones.

It was an honour to help out a fellow creative in the industry in their time of need when they were unable to be there to make sure Grace and Brodies day could still be captured🤍

Venue: @baldhillshouse
Photography: @forever_andalwaysphotography Associate Shot for @flashbackfeels
Videography: @flashbackfeels
Band: @fictioncoverband 
Food Truck: @coffee_staines 
Florist: @theflowergirlalbury 
Cakes: @cakecreationsbykate
Makeup: @facesbyebonii 
Hairdresser: @__styledbyA

Grace & brodie

rustic meets party wedding
bald hills house, albury