Be it your engagement, anniversary, or just a normal day… LET’S CAPTURE WHAT MAKES YOU – YOU, AS A COUPLE.

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Have you ever had your pictures taken as a couple?

And no, I don’t mean clumsy phone-selfies.

I mean professional photos that represent who you are as a couple and showcase everything you love, and everything that makes you special.

Now, you might want to capture a day full of adventure one last time before you get married for your engagement session, or maybe you want an epic surprise proposal?. Or maybe you’re already married, and you’re looking for stunning anniversary photos (can you imagine a better anniversary gift?).

No matter what the adventure, don’t lose out on gifting yourselves with breathtaking photos that tell the story of your love and have an absolute blast with your soulmate while you’re at it.

Our experience was really special and we feel so lucky to gotten to have experienced this with Rach who took care of us and is such an amazing person.

Rach took insanely beautiful photos of us. We felt so comfortable and the experience was magical start to finish. Travelling to our beautiful location for our photos with her was SO worth it!

Carlie & Bryan

You know those epic romantic photos you see scattered throughout your Instagram feed?

Imagine those were your photos…

Kissing under a waterfall, climbing a peak at sunrise, riding the waves together, or any one of your fantasies can finally come to life.

And I’ll be there every step of the way to snap away and show you how uniquely beautiful you two are as a couple.


It’s time to dream big – and make it happen!


But more than that: I’ll gently guide you through your day of excitement & love. I’ll laugh with you, and probably fall over my ass not watching where I’m going (‘cause I’m busting all those uncalled for dad jokes).

We’ll make time fade away, and it’ll be just you, making memories for your eternity. And me, preserving your favorite moments forever.

So at the end of the day, you’ll get to walk away with an amazing experience – and an album full of love.

So, if you’re ready…

just the two of you!

of you

Just the two

As Featured In:

Adventure Session



+ 3 hours of coverage

+ 3 locations of your choice

+ Planning assistance

+ Unlimited props (music, clear umbrellas, rugs, sparklers) provided

+ Gold Class tickets, and dinner for two (X2)

+ Unlimited access to fine champagne

+ Handmade & custom designed fine-art album 

+ Private online gallery

to get ALL your dream-shots – and have a blast too

to make sure everything runs smoothly – and nothing is missed

to set the stage & set the vibe to bring your vision to life

to add even more fun to your photoshoot – and do it with style

a keepsake 6x6 beautiful album tailored to your adventure ($1.497 value)

+ 1.5 hours of coverage

+ 2 Locations of your choice

+ Planning assistance

to capture your moments in a place that’s special to You

to make sure everything runs smoothly – and nothing is missed

to add even more fun to your photoshoot – and do it with style

Engagement Session

it’s time to choose your adventure!

+ Unlimited access to fine champagne




Kepp it simple

Plan the best date you’ve ever had. Or give the most romantic gift you’ve ever given.

Whatever the occasion, you deserve to be treated with a bit of luxury.

to access your best moments anywhere, anytime

to capture everything that makes you an extraordinary couple

provided as a gift after your session because you can’t have a perfect photoshoot without a perfect date night to follow

to capture everything that makes you an extraordinary couple

to access your best moments anywhere, anytime

+ Private online gallery

provided to set the stage & set the vibe to bring your vision to life

+ Limited props (music, clear umbrellas, rugs, and sparklers)

+ 45 minutes of coverage

+ 1 location of your choice

+ Private online gallery

to capture your moments in a place that’s special to You

to access your best moments anywhere, anytime


to get a glimpse of what makes you an extraordinary couple

OMG we just put them on the big screen and they are so bloody beautiful! We are in love!!! I didn’t want it to end! Just perfect , Thankyou so much. Glen is so in love aswell! I seriously can’t deal. I’m getting so distracted by these pictures hahah. 

They are just so perfect everyone needs to see your work! Glen was crying look at them last night. 😭😭😭 when you take your horses to your engagement shoot, just do it! The results.. incredible! A big thank you to Rach, the creative behind the lens!

Miranda & Glen

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Have a specific date in mind already?

Don’t lose your dream date then

or customise your experience with these special add-ons!

Imagine weaving a story – your story – into a beautiful fine art elopement album. A physical piece of *awesome* that you can hold in your hands, flip though, and use to relive your beautiful adventure over-and-over again…

Handmade from the highest quality materials, your custom album of love is guaranteed to become a piece you’ll quickly fall in love with.

An Album of Love

Luxe Albums


Hand Made

+ One 6 x 6 album,
+ 10 spreads (20 individual pages),
+ Optional leather cover, a wide variety of colours, custom embossment and all your favourite photos
+ Two rounds of revisions to make sure you LOVE the design
+ A keepsake box designed for your album, complete with a certificate of authenticity, and gloves to keep your album in pristine condition
+ Handmade in Australia. 


These albums include:


album love


Rach is such a beautiful photographer, the moments she captured truly have our hearts.
All our photos where all the best angles and the small details to her photos really showed our love story.
So blessed to be able to have had a shoot with Rach and I'm sooo happy with the album she has created for us.
Thank you sister, we absolutely love your style and work.

Surround yourself with beautiful prints from your special day – to feel the rush of excitement & love every time you glance at your walls.


Heartfelt prints

To hold

To have and

Woohoo, so am I!

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