Why You Should Feed Your Wedding Team First: The Secret to a Smooth and Stress-Free Wedding

I’ve had the privilege of capturing countless moments of joy and love on the most special day of a couple’s life. But I’ve also seen firsthand the chaos that can ensue when the wedding team isn’t properly taken care of. That’s why I’m convinced that feeding your wedding team first is the key to a smooth and stress-free wedding. Think about it – your wedding team is the unsung heroes of your big day. They’re working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that every detail is perfect, from the flowers to the music to the food. And yet, all too often they’re left to go hungry while they’re busy making sure that everything runs smoothly.

As a wedding photographer, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many couples to capture their special day. And let me tell you, it’s not just about the beautiful wedding dress, the stunning venue, or the romantic atmosphere. It’s about the people who come together to make it all happen. Your wedding team, including your photographer, videographer, content creator, planner, and DJ, are the unsung heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that your wedding is a success.

So, why should you prioritise feeding your wedding team first? Here are some reasons why (and no its not because we are greedy or feel entitled!)

A Smooth Timeline

Delays with the kitchen can happen to any wedding, and it’s not uncommon for food to take longer than expected to prepare. But what happens when this delay occurs outside of everyone’s control? If you’re serving your wedding team first, you can ensure that their needs are met and they’re energised and focused throughout the day. This way, even if there are unexpected delays, your team will be ready to adapt and keep the wedding on track. It also means your timeline won’t be delayed because you are fed and your vendors are quickly trying to shove food down in 2 minutes before speeches continue on.. You guys can always eat during speeches, we cannot.

A Happy and Energised Team

When you feed your wedding team first, you’re not only showing appreciation for their hard work but also ensuring that they’re energised and focused throughout the day. A happy and energised team is more likely to produce high-quality work, and this will reflect in your wedding photos, videos, and overall experience.

Reduced Stress

Let’s face it: weddings can be stressful! When you prioritise feeding your wedding team first, you’re taking a huge weight off their shoulders. They’ll be able to focus on their work without worrying about when they’ll get their next meal. This means that they’ll be more relaxed and able to give you their full attention, resulting in a more enjoyable and stress-free experience for everyone involved.

Builds Strong Relationships

When you take care of your wedding team’s needs, you’re building strong relationships with them. This can lead to a more personalised and tailored experience for your wedding day. Your photographer may capture special moments that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise, or your planner may offer valuable advice on how to make the most of your day.

It’s Just Good Karma

Let’s not forget about the old age saying: “you get what you give.” When you prioritise feeding your wedding team first, you’re showing that you value their hard work and appreciate their efforts. This sets a positive tone for the entire day and can lead to a more enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone involved.

So, why not prioritise feeding your wedding team first? It’s a simple but powerful way to show appreciation for their hard work and ensure that your wedding day is a success. By putting this as a priority, you’ll be ensuring that your wedding day timeline runs smoothly, your team is happy, energised, and focused on delivering the best possible experience for you.

Remember, it’s not just about the food – it’s about showing respect and appreciation for the people who are working behind the scenes to make your wedding day special. So go ahead, prioritise feeding your wedding team first, and reap the benefits of a smooth, stress-free, and unforgettable wedding experience!

And if you’re looking for a wedding photographer, get in touch today and I would love to help you start bringing to life your dream day.