Wedding Portrait Locations: At Panama Dining Room, Melbourne

As a wedding photographer, I’ve had the pleasure of capturing countless love stories at the Panama Dining Room in Melbourne. With its stunning architecture, elegant ambiance, and picturesque views, this venue is a dream come true for any couple looking to make their wedding day unforgettable.

As a wedding photographer, I’ve had the pleasure of capturing countless moments of love and celebration at some of the world’s most breathtaking venues. And none are more unique and romantic than Panama Dining Room, a stunning restaurant-turned-wedding-venue in the heart of Melbourne.

When it comes to portrait locations, Panama Dining Room offers a treasure trove of opportunities for couples to capture their love and essence. From the vibrant streets with graffiti and greenery, to the historic Fitzroy Hall, and the serene Carlton Gardens, the possibilities are endless.

But why stop there? The venue itself offers a range of portrait locations that are simply divine. You can capture romantic moments by the bar, surrounded by the warm glow of candles and the soft hum of conversation. Or, you can take a stroll outside and find yourself amidst the stunning architecture of the venue, complete with its picturesque arched windows.

And when the sun begins to set, the possibilities become even more magical. You can capture intimate moments by your ceremony florals, or take a spin in the elevator for a unique and quirky perspective. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even take direct flash photos outside, or snuggle up in the elevator for a cozy and romantic vibe.

Guest Count:

Panama Dining Room is an ideal venue for couples who want to celebrate with their closest friends and family. The venue offers a range of options for couples, with capacities ranging from 50-200 guests.

Recommendations from me for Panama Dining Room:

As a wedding photographer, I highly recommend if you’re having 100+ guests at this venue, to invest in having a second photographer as while the space is quite large which is fantastic when its full of people sitting down it can get a little tight, making it tricky (not impossible!) for me to move quickly around your guests. However, if this is not on option for you – no worries just allow a little more breathing room in your timeline – I’ll help you with this! So I can get lots of beautiful candids of your guests like above and you two can relax!

If you’re looking for a getting ready space, I highly recommend a local airbnb or a hotel in the CBD, as long as it has alot of natural light.

As the ceremony space and reception space is all in one big space, I personally recommend to my couples doing a first look before the ceremony, and coordinating with me on the ceremony time so we can have your ceremony in flattering light by the beautiful big arch windows. Harsh light means one of you will be squinting in all your photos, not good!

Adding onto this if you can have your family photos done before your ceremony begins, even better. This means you can go straight into your reception and start mingling, keeping it nice and wholesome surrounded by friends and family.

Don’t forget to coordinate with your celebrant if you want a group photo, don’t let your guests hit the bar!

If you’re keen on shutter drag photos, definitely invest in additional lighting!

If you need suggestions on parking without paying a fee, I personally will park in the Woolies carpark to the right of the venue and up the hill. Keep in mind though, parking is limited to 3 hours! Another great alternative is to opt for an Uber, so you don’t have to worry about where your car is while you’re getting married or while you’re a guest at this gorgeous venue, so you can party the night away, drink, eat and relax!

Panama doesn’t allow confetti inside, so opt for your ceremony exit to have bubbles instead!

Embrace the weather, the beauty of Panama Dining Room is its all indoors. But don’t skip out on a gorgeous outdoors rainy shot, trust me its worth going out for even just for 15 mins. I don’t need a perfect sunset to make you two look amazing. We will take some clear umbrellas, and have fun!

This venue looks amazing with direct flash, so if this is your vibe the darkness of Panama on the dance floor you will love the look of in your photos!!

What the Venue Offers:

* A fully licensed restaurant with a full-time kitchen team
* A range of ceremony and reception options, including on-site setup and coordination
* Ample parking for guests
* A range of portrait locations both on-site and off-site
* A comprehensive noise restriction policy

Personal Connection:

As someone who has personally met Jason, who is the senior manager of Panama Dining Room, I can attest to the level of dedication and passion they bring to their craft. And when it comes the owners of Luke and his wife, who have worked tirelessly to build their business and work around their couples desires, I know that Panama Dining Room is the perfect venue to help you celebrate your love.

Why Book Me as Your Wedding Photographer?

* I’ve worked at Panama Dining Room multiple times and have a deep understanding of its unique charm and character.
* I’ve built a strong relationship with not only the owners but also Elizabeth at Weddings by E, who loves this venue and has worked here many times.
* I’m personally recommended by the owners of Panama Dining Room, you’ll find me on their website and regularly across their social media!
* I’m dedicated to delivering exceptional service and attention to detail, ensuring that every moment is captured in its finest light.
* I’ve worked with many talented vendors who love this venue as much as I do, and I would be happy to help you bring a dream team of powerhouse vendors to support you in your day.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to create unforgettable memories! Contact me today to book your wedding photography package and start planning your dream wedding at Panama Dining Room.