The Art of Ignoring Opinions: A Guide to Following Your Wedding Vision

As you plan your wedding, it’s easy to get caught up in the opinions of others – from family and friends to social media strangers. But remember, your wedding is your own celebration, and it’s okay to ignore opinions and follow your own vision. By prioritizing your priorities, trusting your instincts, and communicating with your partner, you can create a wedding day that truly reflects your love and commitment to each other. And when it comes to capturing those memories, look for a wedding photographer who will support your vision and help you create unforgettable moments.

As a luxury wedding photographer, I’ve had the privilege of capturing some of the most unforgettable and personal moments of couples’ big days. And yet, despite the excitement and joy that surrounds a wedding, I’ve seen many couples struggle with the pressure to conform to others’ expectations.

In today’s digital age, it’s easy to get caught up in the noise of social media, where every detail of your wedding is scrutinized and critiqued by strangers and loved ones alike. It’s no wonder that many couples feel overwhelmed and uncertain about their wedding planning decisions.

But here’s the truth: your wedding is your own personal celebration, and you should be the one calling the shots. Not your parents, not your friends, not your fiancé’s aunt’s cousin – just you.

As I’ve worked with countless couples over the years, I’ve seen time and time again how important it is to ignore opinions and follow your own vision. Whether you’re planning a grand, elaborate affair or a intimate, elopement-style celebration, here are a few tips on how to tune out the noise and stay true to yourself:

1. Set Clear Boundaries

Don’t let others dictate your wedding plans. It’s easy to get caught up in the opinions of others, especially when it comes to family and friends. But remember, your wedding is your own celebration, and you have the right to make decisions that align with your vision.

Common concerns:

  • “My parents are really upset that we’re not having a traditional wedding.”
  • “My fiancé’s aunt is insisting that we include a certain tradition or ritual that doesn’t feel right for us.”
  • “My friends are all doing a certain type of wedding, and I feel like I’m being judged for not following suit.”


  • Practice assertive communication: “I understand your concerns, but we’ve decided to [insert decision].”
  • Set clear boundaries: “I appreciate your input, but this is our decision to make.”
  • Remember that your wedding is a reflection of you and your partner at the end, not your family or friends. Its your family and friends jobs to support you.

2. Prioritise Your Priorities

What matters most to you? Is it the food, the music, the decorations? Focus on what truly matters to you and your partner, and let go of the rest. Don’t get bogged down in details that don’t add up to your overall happiness.

Common concerns:

  • “I’m stressing about every little detail, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the stress.”
  • “I feel like I’m sacrificing my personal style for the sake of pleasing others.”
  • “I’m worried that I’m forgetting something important because I’m focusing on too many things at once.”


  • Make a list of your top priorities: what’s most important to you and your partner? I recommend setting your budget aside for 3 top things you cannot live without. Eg, Photography, food, DJ..And then work with whatever you have left budget wise after that for everything else.
  • Focus on one thing at a time: take it one step at a time, and don’t worry about every little detail all at once. Wedding planning is step by step and there are certain things that can’t be done too early anyways. I’ll guide you through this when you book.
  • Remember that it’s okay to say no: if something doesn’t feel right or align with your priorities, it’s okay to say no.

3. Trust Your Instincts

You know what’s best for you and your partner. Trust your instincts and make decisions based on what feels right for you both. Don’t let others dictate what you should do or how you should do it.

Common concerns:

  • “I’m feeling overwhelmed by all the options out there – I don’t know what to do.”
  • “I’m worried that my partner won’t agree with my decisions.”
  • “I feel like I’m being pulled in different directions by different people.”


  • Trust your gut: what does your intuition tell you?
  • Communicate with your partner: share your thoughts and feelings with each other.
  • Remember that it’s okay to disagree: if you’re not on the same page, that’s okay – work together to find a solution.

4. Communicate with Your Partner

It’s crucial to have open and honest communication with your partner about what you both want and need from your wedding day. Make sure you’re on the same page before making any big decisions.

Common concerns:

  • “I feel like we’re not communicating effectively – we’re just having different opinions.”
  • “I’m worried that we’re going to disagree on something major.”
  • “I feel like we’re not seeing eye-to-eye on our wedding vision.”


  • Schedule regular check-ins: set aside time to talk about your wedding plans and concerns. I recommend setting aside 1 hour each week to talk all things about your wedding together and make sure during this planning process you both are on the same page. This will also allow you time to do tasks you need to do regularly so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  • Practice active listening: really hear each other out and try to understand each other’s perspectives.
  • Be open-minded: be willing to compromise and find solutions that work for both of you.

5. Take a Deep Breath

It’s easy to get caught up in anxiety and worry about what others might think. But remember, this is your special day – it’s okay to take risks and make choices that might not be popular with everyone.

Common concerns:

  • “I’m worried that our guests will be disappointed or upset if we don’t do something traditional.”
  • “I’m stressing about every little thing going wrong on the day of the wedding.”
  • “I feel like I’m not doing enough or not doing it ‘right’.”


  • Practice mindfulness: take deep breaths and focus on the present moment. If your guests truly love you they will support whatever decision you both make.
  • Remind yourself that it’s okay to make mistakes: it’s all part of the learning process. Things may come up but learning to embrace the chaos and focus on bringing a good attitude is what at the end of the day will make your wedding truly shine.
  • Focus on what truly matters: instead of worrying about what others might think, focus on celebrating your love and commitment to each other.

6. Focus on What Truly Matters

At the end of the day, what really matters is that you and your partner are getting married and starting a new life together. Don’t let outside opinions dictate how you celebrate this momentous occasion.

Common concerns:

  • “I feel like I’m losing sight of what’s truly important – all the details are overwhelming me.”
  • “I’m worried that I’m forgetting what this day is really about – our love and commitment.”
  • “I feel like I’m just going through the motions – I’m not really present or enjoying myself.”


  • Take a step back: look at the bigger picture and remember what this day is really about. Talk with me your photographer or refer to your wedding guide you would have gotten from me to help ease any anxiety.
  • Practice gratitude: focus on what you’re thankful for in this moment. Take a date night something you two love together to ground yourselves.
  • Remember that it’s okay to say no: if something doesn’t align with your values or priorities, don’t hesitate to say no. Remember, it is your day to celebrate the two of you. That should always come first.

By following these tips and focusing on what truly matters, you can navigate the challenges of wedding planning with confidence and poise. Remember, your wedding is a celebration of love and commitment – don’t let anyone else dictate how you celebrate!

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