Top 4 tips to get stunning wedding photos on a boat

If you’ve got an adventurous spirit that refuses to settle for a landlubber’s affair, then I’m here yo give you the top 5 things to consider when planning your boat wedding experience!

Whether you’re planning an elopement, a destination wedding, or if you just want to spice things up a bit on your big day and have TONS of fun while getting totally unique wedding photos – you can’t go wrong with a boat.

Just imagine tying the knot with the ocean as your witness, while getting all those Insta-worthy seafaring snaps. Imagine how unique, how beautiful, and how infinitely romantic it would be…

And it doesn’t even matter whether you opt for the luxury of a yacht or the charm of a sailboat. While each has their own unique vibe, and are spectacular in their own way, you can’t go wrong with either. I mean, exchanging vows or posing on the deck with the horizon as your backdrop is totally awesome either way!

So, if you’ve got an adventurous spirit that refuses to settle for a landlubber’s affair, then I’m here as your favourite wedding & elopement photographer from Melbourne to give you the top 5 things to consider when planning your boat wedding to get the best experience – and the best photos – on your special day at the sea.

1. Location matters

Before we get to the nitty-gritty, let’s talk logistics for a moment.

Sure, boats need water – but that doesn’t narrow things down, does it?

I mean, there are oceans & seas, and also rivers & lakes – and you can probably fit a boat on most of them. With that being said, at least here in Australia, the best bet for couples looking to get married on a boat is to find a port somewhere on the coastline.

Not only does this offer more options for the boats themselves (especially in major cities along the shore, like Sydney or Melbourne), but it also guarantees you a sea of blue and expansive ocean views on your wedding day.

But make sure to have your sea-shy guests on your radar too. Pick a port that won’t have them muttering “Shiver me timbers” when they look at travel logistics. Choosing a location that’s easily accessible (even for your out-of-town guests), has nearby accommodations and isn’t at the mercy of Davy Jones when it comes to weather unpredictability will score you major kudos with your wedding guests.

2. Timing is everything

When it comes to your boat wedding, “Day or night?” isn’t just a question regarding your preference for early bird specials or midnight snacks.

In fact, it’s one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make when planning your big day on a boat. It’s part of the very essence of your event, and will impact the overall vibe of your wedding massively.

You see, an evening soiree lends itself to a classy vibe with more elegance – highlighting the significance of your big day. Think cocktail dresses, formal gowns, and tuxedos against a canvas of stars and soft lantern light. Imagine thousands of twinkling stars shining down on you as you celebrate your love and bond your lives together for eternity.

Alternatively, saying “I do” with the sun smiling down invites flip-flops and sundresses, a laid-back lunch with your wedding guests, and maybe even a post-vow plunge or jet ski adventure. The bright, airy vibe of daytime boat weddings create a more laid-back & casual atmosphere that might help you loosen up, let go, and delve in the experience.

Now, it’s your wedding – so, as always, there’s no right or wrong way to approach this. You should feel free to choose to have either a daytime, or a nighttime boat wedding – or even a combination of both. Do what feels right to you – but make sure your choice reflects the vibe & atmosphere you envision for your wedding day.

3. Consider the view

Can you guess one of the biggest advantages of having a boat wedding?

You get one of the best decorators in the world to work for you for free – after all, Mother Nature is going to do most of the decorating.

Just imagine the panoramic coastline & ocean views and wildlife sightings of a daytime boat wedding. Sparkling oceans, clear blue skies, and – if luck smiles upon you – you might even see a humpback whale gliding to the surface, or a pod of playful dolphins crashing the party. Afterwards, behold a fiery sunset that paints the entire horizon red & orange – turning every photo into a potential masterpiece.

Or imagine the moon, painting a silver path across the deep-blue waters, with distant harbour lights, city skylines, and constellations adding a sprinkle of celestial sparkle to your evening. While nighttime might hide most of playful nature, it sets the stage for enchantment: sparklers writing love in the air, fairy lights blending with the stars, or a candlelit feast on the waves that’s nothing short of magical.

4. Choose the right wedding photographer

Your wedding photographer is more than just a person with a camera.

They should be visual storytellers, who will capture all your favourite moments, and weave them into a story of love, joy, and happiness. They will be your pillars through the unexpected – like mishaps, gusts of wind, or rogue waves – and support you throughout your day, no matter what happens.

Now, that’s no small task to do. After all, it’s about creating waves of joy – not just riding them – and anchoring these moments in the depths of your heart.

So, you should choose someone who you fully trust to tell your love story the way you want it told. Someone who you find it easy to get along with – someone who just gets you and your vision for your boat wedding. Choose someone who’s style speaks to you on a deeper level – whose pictures you instantly fall in love with. THAT someone should be your wedding photographer.

After all, you only get one shot to capture your happily ever after – afterwards, the moment is gone forever. So choose someone who will make it count.

And that someone can be me. Feel free to browse my galleries to get a feel of what I can do for you too. And if you like what you see, make sure to get in touch with me as soon as possible to ensure I’ll still be free on your wedding date.