Top 4 Tips to Have an Epic Reception Entrance at Your Wedding

How to make your wedding reception entrance unforgettable

Are you ready to make a grand entrance at your wedding reception and kick off the celebration in style?

Sure, you can opt to have a normal entrance at your reception – and there’s nothing wrong with that, and I’m definitely not gonna be the one to judge. But you do only get one entrance as a freshly wed couple in your lives. Do you really want it to be normal, average – or even forgettable?

If not, then, you’re in the perfect place to ensure that your wedding reception entrance will be an out-of-this world special experience for both you and your wedding guests.

As your favorite Melbourne wedding photographer, I’ve brought you some fabulous tips to help you turn your reception entrance into an unforgettable moment that will have everyone talking for years to come. In this blog post, I’m going to go over some of the best ways you can have a spectacular entrance at your reception – without putting in an unreasonable amount of effort to make it happen.

So, without further ado, grab a cup of coffee (or, you know, a glass of bubbly) and let’s dive right in!

1. Bring Those Napkins to Life

First things first, let’s talk about those napkins.
– Yes, you heard me right: napkins!

I know how this might sound, but believe it or not, these little pieces of cloth (or paper) can add an unexpected burst of energy and excitement to your entrance.

I mean, just picture it!

Imagine yourselves making your way into the reception hall – as Mr. & Mrs., for the first time in your lives. Now, picture your guests as they wave to you with beautiful napkin props. Or just twirling & swirling, showing off their dance moves with fabulous napkins that match your wedding theme perfectly.

It’s like a sea of fluttering confetti, creating a magical atmosphere that will set the tone for the party of a lifetime. It’s special, it’s beautiful, and it leads to some incredibly dynamic celebration photos too.

So, don’t be afraid to get creative and let those napkins come to life at your wedding!

2. Coordinate a Group Dance

Now, let’s turn up the volume a notch and get ready to dance!

If you still have a bit of time till your wedding, I’d highly recommend you unleash your inner choreographer and prepare a group dance for your wedding reception entrance.

Seriously, gather your wedding party, close friends & families, bridesmaids & groomsmen – and even your Aunt Sally, who knew how to salsa like a pro before you were even born. Gather anyone you can – the more, the merrier – although you shouldn’t feel pressured to include absolutely everyone. And prepare a choreographed dance for your grand entrance at your wedding reception.

Now, despite your first instincts, it doesn’t have to be a super complicated “Michael Jackson level” dance.

In fact, going for “simple but doable” is probably a good call in most cases (unless you have a family of professional dancers). Try rehearsing an easy-to-learn routine that even Uncle Bob can handle with his 2 left feet and his “amazing” sense of rhythm.

It doesn’t have to be that long either.

Even just a minute of a well-rehearsed dance routine can completely blow the minds of all your guests, and lead to an unforgettable entrance at your wedding reception.

So, gather your wedding guests (or a group of them), unleash your inner choreographer and rehearse a simple routine together. When it’s time to make your grand entrance, break out into sync and let your infectious energy sweep through the crowd.

Trust me, I’ve seen it before, and damn it was such a good time! So, put on your dancing shoes and get ready to wow your guests with some killer moves as you enter your reception at your wedding.

3. Sprinkle Some Magic Into Your Entrance

Who says weddings can’t be a little bit magical?

Hold on, let me rephrase that…
…who doesn’t agree that weddings should be completely filled with magic?

So make sure to sprinkle some magic into your wedding reception entrance by incorporating a few surprise elements into your entrance to create an atmosphere of pure wonder, bliss, and awe.

Now, anything can be a surprise, really. Your guests are probably expecting some sort of entrance, maybe some music, and that’s it. So, find something that fits your personality as a couple, as well as the overall theme of your wedding. Feel free to play around with smoke machines, confetti cannons, or lights to add a few surprise elements to your grand entrance.

And instead of doing another boring plain old entrance…

…picture yourselves stepping into your reception. You’re just a few steps away from entering, when suddenly, the lights go out, and neon signs flicker on, illuminating your reception area with the main colors of your wedding. A smoke machine starts filling your reception area with thick – maybe even scented – smoke.

As you step into your reception area, confetti cannons go off, the music starts playing, and performers swoop down from the rafters like graceful angels.

Okay, okay – I might be getting carried away here. But my point remains: make an entrance that will feel like stepping into a fairytale. Plan some unexpected touches that will not only add to the magic you get to experience on your big day – but will also leave your guests with their jaws dropped and their hearts bursting with joy.

So, go ahead – sprinkle some magic into your grand entrance. Fill it with unexpected surprises, fairydust, and awe.
This is your moment, after all. And you only get one first entrance as Mr. & Mrs. in your lives – so make it count!

4. Make a Statement with a Champagne Tower

After your grand entrance, it’s time to celebrate! And what better way to do that than with a statement piece like a champagne tower?
(I know I like to talk about champagne a lot – but can you blame me?)

I’ll definitely be there for your “Gatsby photo op” moment with you and your loved ones, as you strike a pose and flash a smile with your magnificent champagne tower.

After shooting a few photos, you can kind of let things happen naturally. Raise a toast and thank everyone for being a part of your special day. Kick things off the right way with a speech from the two of you. In fact, this can be a great opportunity to let some of your loved ones say a few words as well.

And afterwards, you get to have a drink or two with your guests – who will happily have a drink with (and for) the happy couple.

Overall, the champagne tower not only adds elegance and sophistication to your wedding reception. But it also allows your guests to join in the festivities by raising a glass with you. It’s just the perfect way to kick off the celebration on a high note!

And there you have it: my top 4 tips to have an epic reception entrance at your wedding. Feel free to use any of my pro tips on their own, but you can also combine them any way you like to make your grand entrance even more special (like that’s even possible).

Oh, and if you’re still looking for the right wedding photographer to document all your favourite memories of your special day, then look no further – you’re in the right place, boo. Get in touch with me to have a quick chat about your vision for your special day – and how I can help you bring it all to life.

Till then, cheers to love, laughter, and happily ever after!