Voicemail on your big day? Here’s how an audio guest book and make your wedding unforgettable

Spice up your celebrations with a memorable guest book alternative that’s sure to get your guests talking!

For centuries, the only memories couples had of their weddings were a few heartfelt notes & scribbles their guests wrote for them in their wedding guest book – that is if their guest could write at all.

Okay, and maybe some rich nobles got paintings made of their wedding too.
But you had to be, like, suuuper rich to get a painting…

But then technology happened, and photography – and wedding photography – became a thing. Photography enabled couples to capture their memories to be cherished forever. And to this day, breathtaking wedding photos are the best keepsakes from your special day for both you and your guests.

But despite the evolution of wedding photography & videography, most weddings still have a pen and paper laid neatly on a table to allow guests to leave a message for the couple on their wedding day.

And don’t get me wrong, guest books are classy & beautiful.
But how are you gonna make sure all your guests leave you a personalised message?

I mean, your guests will probably be more focused on drinking, partying, and having a good time. They’ll be so busy celebrating you, that they might forget all about the guest book laying somewhere on a table.

And sure: you can have the guest book in the entrance of your reception and ask your guests to sign it as they arrive. But do you really want them to leave a rushed, unauthentic, and messy message – instead of a heartfelt & customised one? 

Okay, so you might think it’s a good idea to have your guestbook passed around the tables to let your guests leave their messages of love when they aren’t busy doing anything else. But that’s just setting the stage to get champagne spilled all over your beautiful guest book.

And while I love champagne just as much as anyone else – isn’t it better to just drink it?

So having a guest book for your wedding might not seem like such a good idea anymore. But you don’t have to give up on getting customised greetings and wishes from your guests just yet.


The best guest book alternative for your wedding

Imagine having all your guests pick up the phone – a vintage phone – and leaving heartfelt messages & well-wishes for the newlywed couple, you.

Well, this is the reality of having an audio guestbook at your wedding. Audio guestbooks are a unique way to create unforgettable memories from a wedding or event. They let guests pick up a handset and leave personalised greetings as audio messages.

And sure, this all sounds freakin’ awesome. But the real question is: how is this any better than having a normal guest book?

Well for one, a voicemail guestbook sounds fun – not only to your modern guests, but it might be intriguing to your more traditional guests as well. Being a unique guest book, your guests will be so impatient to finally get their turn to have some fun with it.

And this means you won’t have to chase everyone down just to get a signature. No, they’ll be standing in line for the chance to pick up the handset and take the phone to themselves.

Secondly, with a telephone guest book, you’re swapping paper for an audio file. An electronic file that you can’t lose. A piece of eternity that’s immune to the passing of time. And you also can’t spill champagne on voicemails either…

And finally, you have the original audio file. You can keep it or you can share it (just like with your wedding photos); you can duplicate it or send it to the cloud. But no matter what you do with it, these memories are yours forever.

Which brings me to my next point…

A keepsake with memories to last a lifetime

With your unique audio guest book, you’re freezing your wedding date in a time capsule.

By allowing your guests to record their messages – in their own words, using their own voices – you’ll have access to their thoughts & wishes for the rest of your lives…

…the heartfelt and hilarious from your best friends.
…the sentimental & emotional from your parents.
…the downright outrageous & awkward from Uncle Joe.
…and a woof-woof here and a woof-woof there from your fur babies.

You can listen to these recordings on every anniversary you’ll ever have to relive your special day. You’ll get old together with a time capsule to look back to how it felt to be young together anytime you want.

And 10-20 years from now, these will be the memories you’ll hold on to. Imagine hearing your passed loved ones’ voices once more, speaking directly to you, expressing how happy they are for you.

Oh, the rush of emotions & memories – you can’t put a price on that.

The best retro audio guest book for your wedding in Australia

Okay, so are you down to take the leap and book an audio guest book for your big day?

Well then, I have one particular vendor I always recommend to my couples. As a wedding photographer, I’ve seen A LOT of vendors bringing inconsistent quality to the table. But when it comes to audio guestbooks, there’s one vendor who never disappoints…

So, my recommended vendor to get your voicemail guest book is Off The Hook.

They deliver exceptional audio guest book services, and are available Australia wide – from Brisbane through Melbourne to Perth and beyond – via a courier.

They deliver a retro phone (or at least: “retro looking”) straight to your doorstep. But don’t let the looks fool you: this phone has no cables, no plugs, it’s USB-rechargeable, and has a crazy 45+ hour battery life! Still, the retro-look does lead to more fun for your guests, and also adds a nice touch to your photos too…

While it’s nearly impossible to use it wrong, they offer a complementary stylish sign to explain how to record a voice message, just in case. And once you’re done recording they’ll upload all the voice recordings – as will as any photos you send them – to a stylish online gallery for you.

So if you’re planning your wedding anywhere in Australia, one of the best decisions you can make with your guestbook is to rent an audio guest book service from Off The Hook.

And speaking of amazing decisions…

If you’re still searching for your perfect wedding photographer to capture all your favorite moments on your big day, you’re in the right place at the right time. I’d be honoured to be a part of your fairytale day and shoot the most breathtaking photos of the day you get married. Get in touch to discover how we can make that happen!