Noise restrictions at your wedding venue? – The silent wedding party guide

A hack which will see you able to dance the night away no matter your venue

Isn’t it just the worst when you finally find the perfect venue for your wedding

– only to realize they have strict noise restriction policies in place?

I know, I know… It’s SO frustrating!

I mean, your wedding party should be about celebrating your love & joy without restrictions. It should be about having the time of your lives, without shushing each other not long after sunset. It should be about letting loose on the dance floor, without a single worry in your mind.

And nobody should be allowed to tell you that you can’t have the wedding party of your lives, right?

So coming across a wedding venue with noise restrictions can be a real pain in the ass. Especially if you’ve already fallen in love with the venue (or even worse: booked the venue) before realizing its noise policies.

But before you decide to take the easier route and ditch your dream venue altogether, there might be a solution if you’re willing to think outside the box.

Now, obviously investing some extra time & effort to find another venue is still on the table…

…but what if THIS ONE is otherwise perfect, and is really the wedding venue of your dreams?

…or what if your wedding is approaching at an alarming pace, and you’re under time pressure to find a venue asap?

…or what if all the other venues are already booked, and you’re willing to take whatever is available?

Well then, you might be in luck. At least if you live in Australia (more specifically: in the Melbourne area).

I’m here as your favourite Melbourne wedding photographer to let you in on a little secret on how you can overcome the noise restrictions at almost any wedding venue in Melbourne. And have the wedding party of your lives without breaking any rules.

Basically, I’m here to tell you how you can have your (wedding) cake and eat it too!

Have a silent disco at your wedding

A silent disco is when everyone at your wedding party puts on a set of wireless headphones, gets lost in the music, and dances the night away.

It’s “silent” because once you take your headphones off, you won’t hear anything (except for maybe the whisper of your guests’ feet dancing on the floor). And it’s a “disco”, because you still get all the benefits of having a DJ or custom playlist at your wedding. But instead of loudspeakers, the sound is transferred simultaneously to each individual headphone. And there can be hundreds of them.

If this seems like a good option for your wedding, then I’d highly recommend you look into a vendor that specializes in weddings. Just to make sure you get the best possible service tailored to your needs, and nothing goes sideways at the last minute.

And if you’re planning your wedding in the Melbourne area, then try booking Silence is Golden as your silent disco vendor for your wedding if they’re available. In my experience as a wedding photographer, they’re definitely the best choice to have a silent disco at your wedding in Melbourne.

They’ll work with you (and your DJ – if you have one) to plan your wedding party and bring it to life. Their motto – “get lost in the music, not the noise” – perfectly describes their service. They offer high quality wireless headphones to each and every one of your guests, so everyone can dance to crystal clear music, and nobody will be left standing on the sidelines.

With Silence is Golden, you can still have your DJ mix & play live music at your wedding. But they also offer pre-made playlists and recorded DJ sets, or you can also create your own custom playlist if you want to. This means that you’ll have full control over what songs play (or don’t play) at your wedding. Plus, you can still have a DJ if you want to!

They have staff in place to help Aunt Ellie and Grandpa Joe with their headsets (or anyone else who might need help figuring out how the headsets work). And they’ll even give you a sleek neon sign & custom stand for the entire duration of your wedding party, included in their service.

Now, silent discos are becoming a trendy option for wedding parties – and NOT just to overcome noise restrictions. They also have quite a few distinct advantages over blasting music from loudspeakers that might make planning a silent disco the perfect choice for your wedding too – regardless of the noise restrictions.

Everyone can find their tune

Let’s face it: everyone has different taste in music. And when you have at least 3 generations in one room, finding the perfect music for everyone becomes a bit of a challenge.

I mean, how can you realistically cater to the needs of your grandparents, parents, friends, aunts & uncles, kids, and everyone else?

Now, I don’t know about other vendors, but Silence is Golden actually provides 3 channels in every headphone, with different music playing on each channel.

So, one channel can have your DJ playing music right there on the spot. Another channel might be geared towards the older generation. And then you can have a channel with Disney songs, for example, if there are more than a few younger kids at your wedding party.

This way, instead of being forced to listen to the same thing, everyone is free to switch between the individual channels until they find their tune. Of course, you can also choose to have only one channel, if playing the same music to everyone is important to you.

Anyone can tune out

Do you know how at most weddings you can get a sore throat just from trying to over-shout the music?

Because of this, it’s almost impossible to catch your breath, or have a meaningful conversation with someone.

But you can give your guests the option to sit down at your wedding to engage in meaningful conversations with each other while the rest of your guests are right there dancing the night away with you on the dancefloor.

With a silent disco, all the deafening music & noise from the loudspeakers won’t keep your guests from talking to each other – mainly because there won’t be any loudspeakers to begin with.

Instead, everyone will have their own set of headphones. Whenever they want to take a break, they can just place them on the rack – and pick them back up whenever they’re ready to join the party again.

No more headaches from the noise, sore throats from the shouting, and frustration from not being able to talk to each other.

It gets real goofy real fast

Just imagine everyone dancing to a different song, with funny headphones on their heads…

Some people might dance nice and slow – others might be jumping all over the place. It’s truly a unique and unforgettable experience that many of your guests are going to experience at your wedding for the first time in their lives!

But with 3 different channels playing 3 different genres of music (and at least 3 different generations all dancing to this music), silent discos can be filled with authentic & goofy moments just waiting to happen.

And I’ll be there as your wedding photographer to capture them all.

And there you have it, the secret hack to overcome any noise restrictions your wedding venue may have. But as you can see from this article, having a silent disco at your wedding is a fun & exciting way to spice up your wedding party even if your venue doesn’t have any noise restrictions in place.

So, if you’re planning your wedding in the Melbourne area and your venue has noise restrictions – or if you’re ready for the ultimate wedding party experience that all your guests will rave about for years to come – then I’d highly recommend booking Silence is Golden as your silent disco vendor.

And if you’re still looking for the perfect wedding photographer to capture all your favourite moments of your perfect wedding, then feel free to get in touch. I just might be the one who can help you bring your vision to life!