What if it rains on your wedding day? – Top 5 tips for a rainy wedding day

What if it rains on your wedding day? – Top tips for a rainy wedding

Some cultures believe that rain on your wedding day is good luck, and means your marriage will last. To them, rain represents fertility, happiness, and life itself.

Take hindu traditions, for example. According to them, since a wet knot is harder to untie, you’re setting yourself up for a long & happy marriage if you “tie the knot” and have a rainy wedding.

But let’s be honest here. Most of us don’t like rain that much.

And if I had to guess, you’re probably not hoping for a rainy day on your big day – especially if you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding ceremony.

But nature has weird ways that can be impossible to foresee.
And so you gotta plan for rain – even if you’re hoping for sunshine.

So, as a Melbourne-based wedding photographer who’s seen it all, I’m giving you everything you need to know about making the most of a rainy day wedding. Read on to discover my top tips on how to embrace any weather on your wedding – and ensure that for you, rain on your wedding will truly mean good luck.

1. Look at the bright side…

…of rain??

Okay, so I’m not specifically telling you to dance in the rain (but on another note: why the hell not?).

But what I am telling you is that you can have the perfect wedding planning – with everything ironed out right to the very last detail. And you still won’t be able to control the weather. No, not even with the best laid plans.

So sure, keep an eye on the weather. But the best advice I can give you is to just embrace the weather and enjoy your special day no matter what. And find the “good” in whatever weather life throws at you on your wedding day.

And if it rains?

Then we’ll get to take wedding photography to the next level with soft overcast, more vibrant colors, and absolutely perfect lighting. Think perfect, soft, natural lighting – no matter where we take your photos.

So just imagine all the epic rainy wedding photos you’ll get. Moody & romantic photos of the two of you in love on your big day while Mother Nature sheds a few tears of joy with you.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I love taking golden, sunlit photos too. But as a photographer, I’m here to ensure you that having rain on a wedding day can lead to equally good – but beautifully different – photos.

2. Bring gumboots & and an umbrella

Okay, so let’s say the weather isn’t exactly perfect.
Should that stop you from having your perfect wedding?

Of course not!

So, get ready to bring out your matching rain boots and umbrellas (or, you know, I can also give you cute clear umbrellas that will look absolutely stunning in your photos)…

…because it’s time to go outside to take beautiful outdoor wedding photos of the two of you (we’ll probably keep your guests inside – apart from maybe a few quick shots outside with your bridal party).

And yes, this means that I’m perfectly willing to get my hands dirty – I mean: wet – to document your special day the way you want to remember it. Even if it rains.

And while rain boots may not have been your first choice of wedding shoes – a quick change of shoes when we go back inside, and you’ll be all ready to dance the night away with your guests at your wedding party.

3. Have a Plan B – just in case

When planning your wedding, make sure to have a contingency plan in place. A so-called wet weather plan for the rare chance the rainy weather is so bad that we need to move.

Now, I’m not talking about a few drops of water here & there…

I’m talking about powerful gusts of wind that can flip your wedding dress above your head. Or a downpour so bad that you’d kind of wish you planned a destination wedding to Noah’s Ark instead.

Now, luckily this is pretty rare in Australia. Still, it’s a good idea to prepare for a rainy-day wedding – instead of simply stressing about the weather.

Whether we need to move the party indoors, or there’s a backup location ready to go. Prep is the key to success if on the rare chance the rain is SO bad we need to move.

If you’ve planned an outdoor ceremony, check with your wedding venue to see if they can offer you any alternatives in case of rain. If it’s raining, tell your coordinator that there has been a change of plans – and your guests will follow them inside.

4. Pack some backup clothes

But what if you actually want to get wet? Like on purpose?

Well, I’m definitely not gonna be the one to stop you!

Jump in puddles, dance in the rain, or – now that you’re already soaked – spray some champagne on each other just for fun. Have the best time of your lives, enjoy every second of it, and don’t worry: I won’t miss a single moment.

But if you do want to get wet, just make sure you pack some extra clothes to “play outside” in (or have something dry to quickly change into once we do go back inside).

5. Trust your wedding photographer

Rain or snow or sleet or hail – I’m there to support your fairytale.

Which means that as your wedding photographer, I’ll have your back no matter what.
And I promise you that I’ll make the best of any situation.

I’ll just go with the flow of the day and put you both in the best spot with the weather we’re given. I’ll move mountains to make sure you’re completely comfortable at all times – and this includes being flexible with the timing of your photoshoots, as well as actively finding areas for you that aren’t too wet.

In short, you’ll look stunning in all your photos, and there’s nothing – and I mean nothing – nature can throw at us that can change that.

So, if you choose me as your wedding photographer, you can put your mind at ease. Your wedding photos will take your breath away every single time – regardless of the weather. 

That’s my promise.

And if that’s the kind of photographer you want to document your unique wedding, then you’ve just found her. Get in touch to have a quick chat (no strings attached, I promise) about how I can help you bring your vision to life with breathtaking photos capturing the happiest moments of your lives.