5 tips to have the perfect sparkler exit at your wedding reception

Nail your wedding sparkler exit – top tips from a photographer

Weddings are a whirlwind of authentic emotions, touching champagne toasts, and questionable dance moves.

But let’s be real, one of the highlights for many couples is the grand exit they make as newlyweds. You know, when the bride and groom exit the wedding party to start spending the rest of their lives together.

And what better way to end the night in a blaze of glory than with a sparkler exit?

I mean, just picture it…

…you and your beloved, surrounded by friends and family, walking through a tunnel of sparkling lights as you make your way to happily ever after. It’s like something straight out of a fairytale – but with an extra touch of pyrotechnics.

So to ensure your sparkler exit is nothing short of perfection, I’m here as your – hopefully favorite – Albury wedding photographer with my five sparkler exit tips to light up your night and make the end of your big day a memory worth reliving. From choosing the ideal sparklers to mastering the art of coordination, I’ve got you covered.

1. Ask your venue before planning your sparkler send off

Let’s be honest: sparklers burn. This means fire. And this means that some venues simply won’t let you have them.

No, not even if it’s your wedding day.

So, first things first: if you want sparklers for your wedding exit, you need to know whether your dream location even allows sparklers, candles, lanterns – or any other sources of fire.

Some places have banned them completely, because they’ve had bad experiences in the past with guests doing all kinds of stupid things with their sparklers. For example, I know of a wedding where guests threw them onto the roof of the building – who wouldn’t ban sparklers after something like that?

For others, it’s just not possible because of the layout or the location of the venue itself.

But even if they give you the green light – be prepared to do it outdoors, due to fire regulations and smoke alarms.

2. Choose the right sparklers for your wedding (long sparklers)

Obviously, it should go without saying that you need enough sparklers for everyone.
You can even throw in a few extras just in case…

But don’t just pick any old regular sparkler.

I mean, no one wants a sparkler that fizzles out faster than a Snapchat story. So to really nail your sparkler exit, you’ll need to choose the right sparklers. Ones that don’t burn quickly, and give enough time for the couple to walk down the aisle of light – without rushing it.

Now, short ones burn way too quickly. So, try to get a hold of the longest sparklers you can find (ideally over 60 cm+). And opt for long-lasting and smokeless ones to avoid any smoky mishaps or unpleasant odours.

After all, you don’t want your romantic exit leaving your guests choking in a cloud of smoke or smelling like a backyard bonfire, do you?

3. Make an announcement, then light the sparklers together

Wouldn’t it just suck if everyone started leaving and saying goodbye without giving you your fairytale send-off?

So, ideally you’d want your wedding guests to be aware of how you’re planning to say farewell at the end of your wedding (or elopement).

And a great way to get everyone on the same page is by displaying the bundle of sparklers well in advance. This way everyone knows exactly what’s coming at the end of the night.

When the time finally comes, you can ask everyone to prepare for your sparkler exit as your exit line. Alternatively, you can ask your DJ or your MC to take charge and make an announcement and give directions to everyone on what to do.

Afterwards, your guests should form two lines to create an aisle wide enough for you to comfortably make your way towards your final exit.

And finally – and this is crucial – make sure that everyone lights their sparklers at the exact same time. To give you that magical experience, the first sparkler should be lit at the exact same time as the last one. And all of them should be burning at the same time.

A great way to do this is by having one lighter for each guest (so they don’t have to pass the lighter around), and having your MC give instructions on when to make the magic happen.

4. Have your photographer waiting for your grand exit

Now that you’ve planned everything so perfectly, don’t let your photographer – me – get caught off guard.

After all you do want those magical & romantic exit photos, right?

Photos that show the two of you in love, leaving the scene to be together for eternity. Your happy faces & twinkling eyes illuminated by the soft, ambient light from the sparklers. THESE are the perfect sparkler exit images that you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives.

So make sure your photographer, your videographer, and your second shooter are all ready for your grand finale.As a pro tip, also make sure to say goodbye to your friends & fam before your sparkler exit.
It’s a bit awkward to run back for hugs & kisses after you’ve already left in the most epic way possible…

5. Be safe & have fun during your wedding sparkler exit

Finally, please keep in mind that you have to be careful if you’re planning an event that combines fire (and thousands of mini-explosions) with people that may have had a drink or two.

So, it’s safety first.

This means telling everyone to make a tunnel wide enough for you to be at a safe distance from all the sparks. And also tell your guests to hold the sparklers (instead of waving them around).

But after taking all the precautions, don’t forget to have fun.

Take your time. Walk slowly, and embrace every second of this beautiful moment.
Stop for a kiss, or kiss goodbye to your friends. Imagine you’re on the dance floor or strike a pose.
Glance at each other as you soak the moment in. You can even have your parents waiting to hug you at the end of the tunnel.

But whatever you do: it’s your wedding – have fun.

There you have it, my top wedding sparkler exit tips. Use them to have a beautiful sparkler exit, regardless of whether you’re looking to have an epic ending to the best party of your lives, or a romantic finish to your intimate wedding.

And if you want to make sure you’ll be able to relive all your beautiful memories with touching photos…
…then feel free to get in touch. I’ll help you plan, carry out, and capture the perfect wedding or elopement of your dreams.

So if you’re ready, let’s have a chat to see how we can bring your vision to life together – no strings attached!