Top 7 tips to have enchanting wedding decoration with fairy lights

If you’re like me, and believe there’s no such thing as “too much sparkle” on your wedding day – In this blog post I’ve got my 7 best tips on how you can use fairy lights to decorate your wedding day to create a beautiful atmosphere.

Looking for that final touch to transform your wedding from lovely to absolutely full-blown magical?

Well, you’re in the right place, Boo!

If you’re like me, and believe there’s no such thing as “too much sparkle” on your wedding day – and even if you’ve just rolled your eyes, but are secretly intrigued…

…get ready for some illuminating ideas on how to use fairy lights to – quite literally – light up your love story.

As a wedding photographer, I’ve seen everything – or at least: almost everything.

And in this blog post, I’ve distilled my 7 best tips on how you can use fairy lights to decorate your wedding day to create a beautiful atmosphere worthy of your eternal love.

So buckle up and get ready to immerse yourself in a twinkling world of endless possibilities. 

1. Have dreamy fairy light curtains

If you’re looking to create an ethereal vibe that screams “Once Upon A Time”, why not consider a curtain of glimmering fairy lights?

Imagine the soft glow of your beautiful light curtains falling loosely from the ceiling, creating a dreamy atmosphere with a thousand twinkles.

Think of it as if Tinkerbell herself sprinkled pixie dust all over your wedding venue.

Now, obviously, this is a classic way to add an extra touch of dreamy radiance to your big day…

…but it’s also perfect for those Insta-worthy shots where you kiss, dance, or gaze into each other’s eyes, “hiding” behind a curtain of a thousand little “twinkling stars”.

2. Use fairy lights as your primary lighting

Now, here’s the deal: if you want a truly glamorous and magical wedding…

…one that makes you and your guests step out of the real world, and into a living fairytale…

…then trust me, you don’t want just any old lighting at your wedding.

No. You want your guest’s jaws to hit the floor when they walk in, don’t you?

Well, with fairy lights, you can transform any dull room into a dazzling fantasy realm that even Cinderella would envy. Strategically drape them around pillars, across ceilings, or around dance floors for maximum ‘wow’ effect.

And if you ever think you’re overdoing it, just remember…

…no one ever said: “The wedding was lovely, but there were just too many fairy lights.”

3. Decorate your intimate dinner for two

Let’s step out of the crowd for a moment and focus on creating a romantic dinner setting for just the two of you amidst the celebration.

Do you feel like you might need a moment of peace with your soulmate either during or after your celebration? Or are you planning your big day as a beautifully intimate experience right from the start?

Well then, why not have a romantic dinner – just the two of you – with dreamy fairy lights sprinkling a bit of extra magic to your already perfect day.

I mean, just picture it…

A small table adorned with roses and candles, surrounded by heart-shaped fairy lights blinking softly, in perfect sync with your heartbeats…

4. Use your venue’s fairy light space outside

If your chosen venue has an outdoor space – lucky you!

Now it’s time to take full advantage of it…

After all, the outdoors is Mother Nature’s own canvas – just begging to be painted upon with fairy lights!

Dangle them from trees & bushes, or string them along pathways to gently guide your guests on their way (breadcrumbs are sooo last century anyway).

And if you want the ultimate ‘wow’ experience…

…imagine dancing like you’ve never danced before. With a canopy of beautiful fairy lights overhead, merging into one with a sky full of sparkling stars.

5. Wrap them around trees for that “enchanted forest” vibe

Speaking of the magical outdoors and things you can do with fairy lights on your wedding day…

Have you ever dreamt about losing yourself in the beauty of an enchanted forest?

Wrap your fairy lights around the trees in your venue’s garden, and turn it into a mythical & mysterious – but also dreamy & magical – forest full of trees giving off a soft, romantic glow.

So as soon as the sun goes down, you’ll have the most beautiful day of your lives – illuminated in the most beautiful way imaginable.

6. Add other magical sources of lights to the mix

Now, if you feel like going all out – then why stick to just fairy lights?

Feel free to mix things up by adding other props & decorations – such as sparklers, chandeliers, candles, or lanterns – into the mix. And create layers upon layers of warm glows and soft illuminations for your special day.

All these sources of lights go extremely well together, so there’s no reason not to get creative here.

It’s your big day after all, so do what you think is beautiful – and everything else will just fall into place.

7. Simple fairy lights can still make a massive impact

Speaking of doing things your way…

Having fairy lights doesn’t have to mean that you need to awe the world with your extravagant wedding decorations if you don’t want to. So, don’t get carried away thinking you need to turn your venue into Times Square on New Year’s Eve with a gazillion lights.

In fact, simplicity is criminally underrated these days. And you should feel perfectly comfortable with keeping your decorations on the subtler side, if that’s what your heart truly desires.

Yes, even with fairy lights.

But what does it actually mean to keep things simple with fairy lights?

Think outlining the doorways and the windows, or highlighting certain architectural features at your venue with subtle drapes of twinkling lights. Imagine a few threads of fairy lights running down the tables, or behind your band or DJ.

That’s simple. That’s subtle. But it will still look beautiful – without feeling too overwhelming for you.

And there you have it, my top 7 tips on how to use fairy lights to add a bit of magic to your already beautiful wedding decorations.

Don’t forget: having fairy lights can lead to some epic wedding photos if you have the right person behind the lens. And if you’re still looking for your ideal wedding photographer, I have some good news for you…

I’d be honoured to photograph your wedding, and be a part of your beautiful love story.

Get in touch to find out how I can help you bring your vision to life – and document every moment of your magical day (yes, the fairy lights too).