Top 5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Extra Special

How is your wedding going to be one-of-a-kind and truly yours – and not just another ceremony off the conveyor belt?

It’s finally time to turn the excitement up a notch and start planning your wedding!

After all, there really is no time to lose.

There are just soo many things you have to decide on, plan, and do before your big day comes!

Oh, and it’s coming all right. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you still have time.

Before you know it, you’ll wake up one morning with your heart racing from all the joy & excitement (and maybe just a hint of nervousness).

It’s here – you think to yourself.

You try to calm your mind, but all those butterflies in your stomach aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

This is your special day, finally…

But – besides the obvious (I mean, it’s your wedding day, hello?!?) – what makes this particular day actually special?

How is your wedding going to be one-of-a-kind and truly yours – and not just another ceremony off the conveyor belt?

As an adventurous soul & wedding photographer who has seen it all…

…I’m here to help you plan your wedding to really stand out and become a cherished memory for both you and your guests for decades to come.

1. Choose a Unique Venue

No matter where you are in the world, there are only a handful of decent venues nearby.
A few beautiful churches, romantic farms or parks, and elegant hotels, galleries & restaurants.

But guess what?

Everyone in your area – your friends, cousins, and neighbors – are choosing from the same exact locations as you are. Everyone – and I mean everyone – around you is picking their special place from the same not-so-special list of options.

But imagine you started thinking outside the box…
…and came up with a profoundly unique site for your wedding.

…a place that you can lock into your hearts and keep forever.

…a romantic scene that takes your breath away as you utter your vows of eternal love.
…a memorable spot that makes it impossible for your special day to get lost in the surge of weddings that happen every year.

The choice between “Oh yeah, it’s the third or fourth wedding I’ve been to in that hotel this year.” and “The hilltop ceremony with the sunset view was just magical.” is yours to make.

While finding such an awe-inspiring spot for your wedding might seem like a daunting task…

…it really isn’t if you know where to look.

And don’t worry about finances: these places usually cost a fraction of the price of the more traditional venues – despite being more exclusive.

So, if you want a location that’s truly yours – and only yours…
…without breaking the bank.

Then take my hand and let me guide you off the beaten path to find the venue of your dreams!

2. Add a Few Personal Touches

Everyone wants a dazzling white dress, an exquisite bouquet, and dreamy decorations on their big day – obviously.

But that’s just every wedding.

What’s going to make it your wedding?

Again, it’s all about thinking outside the box. Forget about what your guests might want for a second – and consider what would make your wedding an intimate, unique, and memorable experience for You.

Don’t be afraid to get a little selfish here…
…and creative. Definitely be creative.

Some of my couples opt for themed weddings (have you ever been to a Game of Thrones wedding or an equestrian wedding? – now that’s what I’m talking about).

Others come up with fun and exciting games to keep their guests on their toes throughout the night while having a blast, or plan a surprise jump in the pool to set a fun and lighthearted tone for the remainder of the night.

A few of my more adventurous couples even ask me to join them on the dance floor in the heat of the party to snap – and maybe have – a few shots in their realest moments.

But don’t let me tell you how to make the best day of your lives more personal to you!

After all, nobody knows You better than you know yourselves and each other…

I’m just here to help you brainstorm some ideas and give you some inspiration.

3. Document Your Special Day

Imagine feeling too overwhelmed to fully appreciate an otherwise significant moment.

Do you know the feeling?

Think back to the last time it happened…

Maybe it was your birthday, graduation, or engagement party.

Were you able to appreciate and enjoy the moment to its fullest?

…or were you just switched to joyful survival-mode?

Well, that’s exactly how you’ll feel on your wedding day.

Overwhelmed by all those people and emotions…

…moving speeches and flashing lights…

With everything happening all at once, you’ll eventually get lost in a dreamy blur.

Sure, it will be one of the happiest moments of your life.

But it will also be over in a blink of an eye.

But then one day, you’ll wake up feeling nostalgic.

The memories of your special day come at you out of nowhere.

You’d give anything to see or hear it one more time…

…relive all the wonder, through your teary eyes.

And that’s where I come in!

By having a great photographer – like me – capture your once-in-a-lifetime experience, your fleeting moments of pure happiness will be yours to keep for eternity.

But don’t get so excited about documenting everything that you just rush off for photos without actually enjoying your big day!

Sure, a great photographer does stage some incredibly romantic photos…
…but does so flexibly, adjusting the schedule to the flow of events.

A genuinely great photographer is also happy to work from the shadows, capturing your truest and most authentic moments without you even noticing!

So, make sure you have a chameleon with a flexible timeline immortalizing your special day…

…so you can re-experience your most cherished moments anytime you find yourself feeling nostalgic.

4. Focus on Each Other

Out of the hundred(s) of people who all came together for your wedding…
…who’s your most important person?

Hint: it’s probably the one who you’re getting ready to make a lifelong commitment to.

So, keep your focus on that one special person – your person – throughout the night! Make sure the two of you are having an incredible time together, and don’t stress out if a few of your guests aren’t exactly having the time of their lives…

After all, it’s not your job to entertain everyone.

Not today, at least.

Instead, focus on what makes you special as a couple. What are the things you enjoy doing together?

If you’re the souls of every party, then dance your wedding night away!

If you enjoy playing games, go for it and have some fun!

Animal lovers? Make sure to add your pets to your guest list!

Or if you’re an adventurous couple, you can decide to ditch the traditional route and have an outdoorsy wedding or even elope instead.

Whatever you choose to do, just remember. It’s your wedding, your choice. Make sure you turn it into a fun experience that’s about the two of you.

Something special that you can actually share with each other…

…rather than an ordinary event full of pleasantries (unless that’s what turns you on). 

5. Turn Your Wedding into an Adventure

Speaking of outdoorsy weddings and elopements…

How would it feel to make your wedding the beginning of your honeymoon?

Obviously it would be at one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Think epic sunsets on mythical Greek islands. Monumental cliffs and magnificent waterfalls in Scotland. Pasta & Love in a gondola in Venice.

Oh, and did I mention your elopement would cost peanuts compared to a traditional wedding.

Eloping is basically the hassle-free no-bullshit approach to say your vows while having an unforgettable experience together.

As for the guests, you can choose to travel light with only a photographer, or make a small list of the most important people in your lives to take on this special trip with you!

Either way, it doesn’t get any more real than this…

If you’re not really into eloping, you can still turn your wedding into an adventure by including a few non-traditional elements.

A unique menu, a few exciting games, or an unexpected schedule can all add a bit of excitement to your big day.

There you have it, my top 5 tips to guarantee that your special day will truly be a memorable experience for both you and your guests!

For even more inspiration for your big day feel free to contact me! I love putting my experience to use to help brainstorm ideas to make your special day truly unique.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a great photographer for your wedding, or an adventurous professional for your elopement – basically a chameleon with a flexible timeline…

Click here to see how I can help make your dreams come to life!